To a well-loved grandfather on International Yoga Day



International Yoga Day is June 21, 2016. Grateful for the gift of yoga, I thought I’d share a poem for this special day. Namaste!


to a well-loved grandfather

with a name as delicious as

italian puff pastry

i say

thank you

from the bottom of my heart

thank you

for your patience

stretched three thousand years ahead

that despite our fighting and unfriendliness

improper care of the soil and waters

and unsavory behavior

we might somehow

sooner or later

figure it out

for deeply knowing,


the light that shines in every creature

for always watching

without judgment

unconditionally affirming our innate sense of oneness

for believing that the words you gave us

would carry us along

you gave us the code

thank you for

the road map and melody

knowledge you placed in our human consciousness

an instruction manual

on how we operate and think

the wild tiger qualities of the mind

your quiet supportive energy

with a variety pack of names

Charaga, Adisesha, the essence of a prayer with feet

after all these years

we’ve accumulated a lot of rumors

turned you into a King of Snakes

three different men under the same pen name

an incarnation of the serpent Ananta

arriving on your virgin mother’s open palms

grammarian herbalist maharishi

with excellent organizational skills

a multitasking author of Ayurveda

you took piles and piles of scriptures

knowledge both written and unwritten

a cloud of papyrus mildew encircling your head

demystified clarified

the ancient secret texts

a supreme organizer of wisdom

repackaged into 195 sutras

in simple beadlike form

each potent phrase building upon another

carefully chosen sound therapy

in palatable morsels

we string together with understanding

how to eat breathe exercise

stand tall and de-stress

where to find the nectar of inner peace

teaching behind a curtain

in call and response

scaring away the sneaky and undevoted students

yet humbly and lovingly

watching us humans grow all these years

and climb into our inner divinity

so just in case

we forget to tell you

in another place and time

we shoot an arrow from the heart

arching back three millennia

to thank you for loving us


Everyday Stories of Peace, Green Scarf Stories, entry eighteen, June 14, 2016