Happy Noodles

Everyday Stories of Peace, Entry 15, December 13, 2014

It’s cold and dark outside and the lack of sunshine in December makes me feel like a three day-old piece of overcooked pasta. I’m not thinking about macaroni, penne or tricolore fusilli, but something akin to a wavy egg noodle that is hard to scoop off the plate. This is how I feel on my yoga mat this morning: dull, lifeless and tired. I’m a soggy old noodle stuck to the mat.

Keeping a morning routine is extremely hard for me, especially this time of year in Sweden. Somehow I manage to do a few sun salutations, trying to move the tiredness out of my body and bring more energy to my cells and positive thoughts to mind. Just a few easy poses and I’m already feeling better. Soon I imagine myself to be a polar bear on a piece of melting ice (my mat), with a warm coat balancing in a peaceful warrior pose. I move on to tree pose, and I’m standing a little taller. My energy level and outlook have improved. All the world’s problems seem a bit smaller. With belly on the mat and hands holding feet, I’m now a boat, floating to safe shores.

Suddenly I’m not that piece of soggy pasta that couldn’t move on the mat. A few yoga poses and I’m feeling more like a bowlful of happy noodles, cooked with just the right amount of spice. All that changed, really, was my perspective, and I’m bouncing out the door to enjoy the day. After all, today is the celebration of Saint Lucia, and one never knows what interesting things might happen.

Thanks to some of the yoga teachers who help get me moving:

Caroline and Ratheesh www.yogamakes.com

Kambiz Naficy www.joyoflifeorganization.com



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