The Amazing Next Generation

Green Scarf Stories, entry four, June 2, 2014

It was another one of those days when I find myself totally amazed by the wonderful things coming out of the next generation. Kids are powerful. When they put their focus on something that motivates them, they can move mountains. At least it felt like a mountain which was moving today at noon when students swarmed out of the nearby high school to buy an ice cream in the school courtyard.

This wasn’t an ordinary ice cream stand. It was a fund-raiser organized by gymnasium students with their class mentor, Ann, to raise money to fund the boys’ peer education programs at the Kasiisi Schools in Uganda. (Here is their website: ) They put the whole event together in just a few weeks, and even created a Facebook group to publicize the event, “Ice cream 4 change,” with the heading, “Buy an ice cream, change the world.” Every single student in Ann’s mentor group is absolutely amazing.


School is almost out here in Sweden. In four days, Erik and I will be heading to Uganda and we are so very grateful to the many people who have helped us pack our bags.