Kindness is filling up my suitcase!

Green Scarf Stories, entry three, May 29, 2014

Kindness is filling up my suitcase!

Today I’m feeling grateful for the many unexpected acts of kindness which have come my way. My eldest son Erik and I are packing our bags to go to Uganda next week, a trip which has been on our bucket list for a long time. We will be visiting the Kasiisi Schools which are near the Kibale Forest National Park. Here is their website:

There are several reasons we decided that this is our year to visit Uganda. First, a student whose tuition we have sponsored through the Kasiisi School Project has graduated and is going on to University. He is about the same age as Erik and we have corresponded with him for several years. Many of his letters end with “When are you coming to Uganda?” We also have had the pleasure of meeting several of the Kasiisi School teachers when they came to visit the school system in Weston, Massachusetts where we lived in the United States before we moved to Sweden. The third reason is that we’ve long admired the work of Elizabeth Ross, the Director of the Kasiisi Project, whose tireless efforts have broadened access to education for numerous boys and girls in that part of Uganda. She is one who truly lives out Nelson Mandela’s famous quote, “Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world.”

So we are packing our bags with the help of many friends. One kind woman named Nina heard that I will lead a few yoga classes for the children at the school, and materialized twelve new yoga mats for me to take along. Here they are.

ImageOther kind parents of my own students have donated crayons to add to the craft supplies and books we will be taking with us. Here are the crayons ready to be packed in our suitcase.


On Monday of next week during their lunch hour, students at the local high school will host an ice cream social to raise money for the boys’ programs at the Kasiisi Schools. Our bags are fully packed, thanks to the kindness of so many people. Uganda, here we come!